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Often times, plumbers are called in emergencies – when the homeowner discovers something has broken, and it’s caused an immediate need, often at night or over a weekend. This is unfortunate because the plumber may not be available, or may have extra fees associated with emergency calls.

A responsible homeowner should conduct an annual inspection of their plumbing at home, identifying potential issues before they become large problems, and getting them fixed while the fix is as inexpensive as possible.

While most plumbers can conduct an inspection for you, you can do your own inspection:
– Look at the drainage pipes below your kitchen and bathroom sinks – do you see signs of leakage? The area below the sink and P trap should be clean and dry, no water should be visible standing on any of the joints, and no corrosion should be apparent on the pipes.
– On the water supply lines that feed to your sinks and toilets, make sure the shutoff valve can be turned off and back on, and make sure they’re not leaking. While inspecting the supply lines, make sure there are no puddles or signs of leaks at the fittings, and no signs of corrosion on any of the lines.
– Look around refrigerators with ice makers and dishwashers, sinks and bathtubs for signs of cracked or warped flooring that may indicate a leak you can’t see.
– Make sure the supply valves for your washing machine can be turned off, and like other lines, inspect them to make sure they’re free from corrosion and show no signs of leaking.
– In rooms adjacent to and beneath bathrooms and kitchens, check walls and ceilings for signs of leaks, such as discolored or soft drywall.
– On the ground floor, warm spots on the ground may indicate a hot water leak in your slap.
– Finally, check your water bill – if your bill suddenly jumps from month to month, and you’re unsure of the cause, it’s likely a leak, and a plumber can help you find it.

A simple plumbing home inspection is a fast and easy way to identify problems. If you happen to stumble upon a problem and you’d like assistance solving it, contact us today.

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