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Plumbing problems happen at any time of the day. They’re a part of life and are the reasons why we need professionals to help at all times. Here are the most common types of plumbing problems that occur on an everyday basis.

  • Leaking Taps: A leaky tap or faucet is something that most people ignore. However, when ignored for too long, it may lead to those monthly charges to your water bill.
  • Clogged Drains: A drain is clogged most commonly in the kitchen and the bathroom. When a drain becomes clogged as a result of hair or food, it can go from quick to messy in an instant. There are various supplies out there used to help clear those clogs; however more serious cases require a plumber.
  • Blocked Toilets: One of the most common out of this list, toilet backups may be cleared with things such as plungers or heavy duty liquids found at most hardware stores.

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