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153185506Individuals should be aware of the common indicators of a plumbing problem to ensure that their bathrooms or backyards do not result in a plumbing disaster.

For this reason, Gold Star Plumbing lists the following indicators that signal a potential plumbing problem:

A screeching faucet is a major sign that a pipe’s air system is not properly functioning.

Frequently inspect under your sinks in the bathroom or kitchen for any wet spots or patches of mold.

If you constantly have to use a plunger because your toilet backs up, you may need to empty your septic tank or remove any tree roots that have grown inside of the pipe.

If you feel as though your drain is slow, there may be a blockage that can be easily fixed with drain cleaning solution or a plumbing tool to break up the blockage.

To avoid any plumbing disasters that will end up costing a fortune, look for these major indicators of plumbing problems. If you are in need of any plumbing services call Gold Star Plumbing today!

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