Anaheim Plumbing Service | All About Gold Star Plumbing!

Since 2007, Gold Star Plumbing has been offering their professional assistance to residential and commercial services. Gold Star Plumbing Inc. pays exquisite attention to detail to your plumbing problems and determine the best mechanisms to fix your predicament. From faucet leaks and sewer problems to clogged drains and backed up toilets, Gold Star Plumbing guarantees their services to a wide range of difficulties.

Gold Star Plumbing consists of experience, licensed plumbers who are highly knowledgeable in all aspects of service and repair. As Orange County’s most reliable plumbing service, Gold Star Plumbing will review your situation and will handle your emergency in order to ensure your services are efficiently handled.  

For more information on how the professionals from Gold Star Plumbing Service in Anaheim, CA can assist you with your problems call 714-624-2546 or visit

Gold Star Plumbing proudly serves Anaheim, Orange, Santa Ana, and surrounding areas.

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