Anaheim Plumbing Service | How to check for a Water Leak

 A water leak in your home could end up being very costly. Many people have a leak and don’t even realize it. This lost water can cause an increase in your utility bill. If you think you have a leak in your home it is best to act on it immediately. Checking for a leak is relatively simple.

-First make sure everything in your house that uses water is turned off.

-Locate your water meter. It could be in your basement, in a crawlspace under the home or in a meter pit in your yard.

             –Locate the leak indicator on the meter.

-Check to see if the leak indicator dial is moving. If it is moving, you probably have a leak.

-If you can, shut off the valve beside the meter. If the leak indicator dial stops moving and start moving again once you turn it back on, then you have a leak.

-Now that you have found out you have a leak you have two options, try to locate the leak yourself and fix it or call a plumber. A plumber has the expertise to locate the leak quickly and fix it correctly.

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