Anaheim Plumbing Service | No More Digging, Trenchless Pipe Replacement

When individuals think about getting their pipes replaced, they immediately assume that their entire property will be dug up and ruined. However, thanks to the professionals from Gold Star Plumbing Service, there is a better way to clear pipe trenches and clear drainage with trenchless pipe replacement.

The experts from Gold Star Plumbing Service will reline your pipes in a few simple steps:

Our technicians begin by visiting the job site and assessing what is needed.

Using a high pressure jetting process, your pipes will be thoroughly cleaned.

Once cleaning, our technicians will install the liner.

Finally, your pipe is restored to full service.

Although some individuals are skeptical about the effectiveness of trenchless pipe replacement, Gold Star Plumbing Service guarantees that relining your pipes is beneficial because the process is:

Less Costly

Will not destroy your property

Prevents future root intrusion, seals cracks to help eliminate leaks and infiltration

Renews the pipe to a better state

Avoid waiting any longer and trust the professionals with years of expertise. Call today and ask about trenchless pipe replacement for your pipes.

For more information on trenchless pipe replacement and how relining is beneficial call Gold Star Plumbing Service in Anaheim, CA at 714-624-2546 or visit

Gold Star Plumbing Service proudly serves Anaheim, Orange, Santa Ana, and surrounding areas.

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